Food insecurity in nigeria agricultural mechanization as a way out

Using satellite imagery and drone technology, a Cape Town-based start-up is able to potentially save the agricultural sector millions of rands in crop losses due to pests and disease, boosting the sector and contributing to increased food security. Aerobotics, which was started in early by James Paterson and Benji Meltzer, focuses on analysing data for tree crops such as citrus, fruits and nuts. The company employs about 30 people.

Food insecurity in nigeria agricultural mechanization as a way out

African farmers demand increased access to mechanised agriculture African farmers demand increased access to mechanised agriculture Source: In sub-Saharan Africa, it is estimated that 70 percent of agricultural production is subsistence farming and very little commercialized farming occurs.

A lot of farmers in Africa rely on light implements in their farming, use traditional seeds and employ mainly family labour on their farms. The average farm size in the United States of America is hectares but in Africa, it is as low as 2.

Today, John has a hectares farm on which he grows soy, maize and other crops. He has a highly mechanized farm on which he uses machines to clear his fields, sow and harvest, relying on tractors, ploughers and combined harvesters among others.

This is aside from the more than cattle he uses in the production of milk and milk products. The farm is so mechanized that on the plus hectares of farm fields, there are only 11 workers. He produces 22 tonnes of corn per hectare on his farm fields when in Africa, the average level of productivity on corn farms is 1.

Leaders of various African farmer groups who visited the fields were excited about what they saw. A farm of more than hectares, he has only 11 workers there. And there is precision in everything he is doing.

She encouraged her government to invest more in such technology to help make farming better. If our governments are serious, we can do this. Jurua Jackson McPeace who is Vice President of the Uganda National Farmers Federation is equally convinced a lot of the food insecurity challenges in the country can be fixed with improved technology on farms.

The productivity is so low. They are food insecure. Income levels are so low.

Food insecurity in nigeria agricultural mechanization as a way out

And that is not good. He says his association is already working on helping their members secure such mechanized tools to improve upon productivity. President of the Ghana National Farmers and Fishermen Award Winners Association Davies Korboe told Alliance for Science he is equally convinced the sure way for Africa to be self-dependent in food security and economically is for improved technology to be introduced on farms.

The only way to go is to see African farms being well mechanized, using a lot of these innovations, and getting GMOs to penetrate our systems to make our farmers rich and also to alleviate poverty.

John Maxwell of Cinnamon farms is convinced such technology can be transferred from America to other parts of the world and it will work fine. We want to do better, we want to grow our farm as best as we can… there are things on this farm I learnt from my visit to ChileFOOD AND AGRICULTURE ORGANIZATION OF THE UNITED NATIONS.

Accra, Africa.

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This new FAO publication presents in a concise, succinct and focused way the key findings pertaining to the region, contained in FAO’s State of Food Insecurity in the World (SOFI) report. REGIONAL OVERVIEW OF FOOD INSECURITY IN AFRICA Transformation of Agricultural Education in Nigeria: Implication for Food Security J.I.

Adama (Ph.D) The result is food insecurity and hunger resulting in mal-nutrition and disease in many homes. The The Third National development Plan () was the first to spell out provisions for food security.

In this report, GABRIEL EMAMEH captures the views of stakeholders and farmers on what the government and concerned Nigerians should do to get the country out of food insecurity . Agricultural mechanization A key input for sub-Saharan African smallholders eliminate hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition”, “Make agriculture, Sustainable agriculture mechanization will play a significant role in fuelling this transformative change.

Since Nigerian farmers have been advised to embrace agricultural mechanization as a way of increasing food production and report by NAERLS and NPFS () indicated that most states in Nigeria including Abuja had some functional tractors, there is every.

Food Insecurity Challenges and Sustainable Agricultural Development in Nigeria It is therefore against this background that this paper examines generally the problem of food insecurity in Nigeria and sustainable development.

Monday, Food Insecurity Challenges and Sustainable Agricultural Development in Nigeria (). OIDA International.

Influence of Food Culture and Practices on Household Food Security in North Central Nigeria