The name jar writing activity for preschoolers

I wonder what a name jar is?

The name jar writing activity for preschoolers

Which set of standards are you looking for? Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes Learning objectives Students will be able to write two explanatory paragraphs about their name. Introduction 5 minutes Ask students: When you think about your name, what emotions do you feel if any?

the name jar writing activity for preschoolers

Give students a minute of thinking time, then have some students share. Explain that today, students will be learning and sharing more about their names.

They will first read a story about a girl whose name had a special meaning, but who experienced many different emotions about her name. Tell students that it is a story that they may be able to relate to in one way or another.

If necessary, ask clarifying questions during the story to make sure students understand the plot of the story.


When the story is complete, have students turn and talk to a neighbor to discuss the following questions: Have you ever felt embarrassed about your name, like Unhei?

Why are names so important to people? After giving students several minutes to discuss these questions, have some students share out their answers with the class. Tell students they are required to write a paragraph about both their first and last names.

Give students the following guiding questions: What does your name mean? What is the origin or your name? Why did your parents give you your name? Who or what does your name remind you of? How do you feel about your name? Have your feelings about your name changed, and if so, why?

Why is your name so special to you? Stress that these questions are only to help them think about what they want to write—they do not have to answer all of them. Let students know that they will have an opportunity to take this assignment home and add to it in case they want to ask their parents more about their name.

Show students your own name story as a model. Students will love knowing your first name and learning more about you.

Independent working time Give students plenty of time to write their name stories. Circulate the room to make sure students are on the right track. Encourage students who finish early to add more detail to their writing.

Have students who want more of a challenge write about their middle names as well. Some struggling writers would benefit from a more structured assignment.

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These students could answer the following questions one-by-one in a list format: Who does it remind you of? How do you feel about your name and why? The answers to these questions can help you determine where he may still need explicit instruction.

Review and closing 5 minutes Remind students that tonight they can add to their name stories if they wish to. Have students turn and talk to answer the following question:What's in a Name? A Back-to-School Literacy Unit By The Name Jar by Yangsook Choi.

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Download my name research interview form. The Writing Process. This early in the school year, I wanted to provide a structure to help all of my students feel successful in their writing. as their own name.

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For instance, if a child’s name starts with M she might draw marbles, a moose, and melons. Activity #3: Create your own name jar. Have each child put the name of a favorite book character into a jar (or a hat or a box). Then have each child draw a name out of the jar.

Have children tell about the character each time a name is drawn. OUR WINNING NAMES. I sent home each child's outlined name with instructions for the families to decorate the names with household items. Each child won a ribbon for their name. The first page of the printable includes the front and back of the school bus, and the second page contains the middle sections.

If your child has more than 6 letters in their name, print out multiple copies of the second page. Noirin is a former preschool teacher turned stay at home mom who loves finding fresh, fun ways to help kids learn. Her family enjoys spending time in their tiny urban farm with their chickens, bunnies, and rows and rows of crops.

The Name Jar book activity - Third Grade Techie Teacher - TeachersPayTeache. There are also links to other book studies. Find this Pin and more on Name Jar by Kim Bates.

the name jar writing activity for preschoolers

The Name Jar is a fantastic book to read at the beginning of the school year to promote diversity and friendship in your classroom. The story is a.

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